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The OTHER Things you don't want to hear during surgery"

* FIRE! FIRE! Everyone get out now!!
* And now we remove the subject's brain and place it in
the body of the ape.
* Don't worry. I think it is sharp enough.
* Uh-oh.
* I don't know where that came from! Just put it over there.
* Better crank up that anesthesia.
* I don't think that was supposed to come off.
* Gonna have to stop here, his insurance won't pay for the rest.
* Well, it's five o'clock! We'll just put this off till tomorrow.
* Hey....maybe the janitor knows what this is.
* Cool! These colors are giving me flashbacks.



Upon entering a little country store, the stranger noticed a sign saying
"DANGER! BEWARE OF DOG!" posted on the door glass.

Inside, he noticed a harmless old hound dog asleep on the floor near
the cash register. He asked the store's owner "Is that the dog folks are
supposed to beware of?"

"Yep," the proprietor answered, "That's him."

The stranger couldn't help being amused. "That certainly doesn't look
like a dangerous dog to me," he chuckled. "Why in the world did you
decide to post that sign?"

"Because," the owner replied, "before I posted that sign, people kept
tripping over him."